Mass Budget & Policy Center Report: Building a Foundation for Success


In its latest report, the Massachusetts Budget & Policy Center explores the wide-ranging benefits of early education and care  for  both children and parents — as well as the overall economy.

A quick summary, directly from Mass Budget’s report:

For children: Participation in early education and care helps lay a foundation for success in school and in life. Many children who participate in early education and care have better academic outcomes later in their K-12 careers. They also have improved social outcomes, participating in the workforce at higher rates, earning more, and accessing other public benefits at lower rates.

For parents: Early education and care makes it easier for parents to work, giving them the support they need to seek and keep jobs, to improve their economic circumstances, and to provide for their families. This kind of support has become even more important since welfare reforms of the mid-1990s, which encouraged welfare recipients to join the workforce.

For the economy: Economic gains are both immediate and longer-term: 1) early education and care provides an immediate benefit as parents are better able to participate in the workforce and contribute to the state economy; and 2) it provides a longer-term benefit as children are set on a path to become more productive adults, able to make effective contributions to society in the years ahead. These benefits are greatest for low-income children with the weakest existing formal supports.

Check out the full report: Building A Foundation for Success

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